How to prevent your Google Adsense account from being disabled

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How to prevent your Google Adsense account from being disabled

Hello friends, welcome. All of you in another new post, the post I am going to tell you.
How can you keep your Google AdSense account safe? In this way, today I am going to tell you 3 4 tips if you follow these tips, then your Google Adsense account will be saved.

So let’s go. Explains. First of all

  1. 1 You have to put only 3 ads in your web site article. If your article content is 1000 words, then you can place 4 5 ads. And if your article content is 500 words. Has to place only 3 advertisements. If you use more than 3 advertisements in 500 word article content, then your Google Adsense account can be disabled. Because it is against the policy of Google Adsense. This can be the main point for you.
  • 2 ads placement If you place your ads in a place where there is invalid content such as mod apk and place ads in posts like adult content and alcohol, then also your Google Adsense account can be disabled. However, Google Adsense has changed its policy. Still it is against the rule of Google Adsense.
. 3 You do not take any paid traffic, this happens from any place, whenever you take any paid         traffic.
     So 1000 to 500 visitors come to your website at the same time. This makes the people of               Google Adsense feel that this band has bought paid traffic and this can disable your Google Adsense account
4 You have to check your Google Adsense account daily. That there are no invalid acctivey. If you think That invalid acctivey is happening. So you can tell Google about invalid acctivey in appeal form. Let me show how to check invalid acctivey.
If you get 100 clicks on your 1000 impressions, then it may be invalid acctivey. You can find out according to your visitor.
If you guys follow these tips. So you can prevent your Google Adsense from being disabled. I hope you guys liked this post. If there is something in this that you did not understand, then you can ask in the comment.

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